Katika kusherehekea Valentine’s Day, Diamond aliamua kupost picha inayomwonesha akiwa na mpenzi wake wa sasa Penny Mungilwa.

Picha hiyo iliyowekewa effect na kufanya ionekane kama ya kuchora ina ujumbe usemao: @ ] diamondplatnumz #InstaSketch…..Happy Valentine everybody…#Live #Love #CelebrateLove #Eeer’day #EverydayIsAValentine.

Hata hivyo si wote waliopendezwa nayo. Mmoja wa followers wake, anayejiita ‘someuglymofo’ aliamua kumpa mbovu Diamond na kumwambia hana heshima kwa wanawake huku ujumbe wake akiuelekeza kwa Penny.

“Uuuuugh honestlly I’ve never seen anyone stoop so low like this….. out of all the people u could’ve bn wth u ended up with a trashymofo who has no respect for women he sleeps with them, abuses them and makes them look like sluts,I min cummoooooooooon…………….ts getting Penniel of all people Diamond it seems like u do not know when to stop, who to respect and honestly now I know u are one nasty mf,leave that girl elowne, ts not that hard to see she’s too good for you.(believe that,” aliandika.

“@vjpenny girl if ts true that you are preggers by that this low life of a man, ts onlly a matter of time before you realise he’s just using you just like any of his previous gf’s,(EVERY THING THIS GUY TOUCHES turns into dirt) make a wise choice while u still can dump his thilthy ass, he’s beneath you, that is not hard to see, look at what he did to@jokatem that girl was a Tanzanian sweetheart, people hated her and all was because of this disgusting piece of dirt, your decline is near God has a way of punishing evil bastards like you, get some respect for this beautiful Tanzanian.”

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