29 May 2013

Imezibitishwa Mangwear Kafariki kwa Kujioverdose Cocaine na Crack:Soma Report ya Doctor Hapa

The Medical report from Helen Joseph hospital,Dr Shirley Radcliffe  confirming that albert Mangwairdied from “alcohol toxicity” after drinking toomuch,Over-exhaustion and drugs overdose....The inquest heard that Albert 28, collapsed in the his friends home had been more thanfive-times the legal S.A drink-drive limit with 416mgof alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood in hissystem....Radcliffe described thereasons for ICU admission included hypoxemia and one of his friend found “two empty vodka bottles[found] on the Car” and he hadbeen suffering from the eating disorder Bulimiafor several months before his death and endless partying session with little or no resting...sample taken from his stomach showed poly-drug cocktail and he overdosed Heroin,Cocaine 'crack' and cannabis 0.08gms was also found in his blood...and his death was caused by massive heart attack and respiratory failure followed by sudden Heart stop...and end up dead within seconds! R.I.P Mangwear!

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Weka Maoni yako Hapa


  1. SO SAD... jamani wasii mnaotumia hivi vitu acheni!!! Tunawahitaji why mnatuacha namajonzi kwa makusudi kiasi hiki???!! Na woote mnaotumia acheni jamani nikama mnajiua then mnatuachia makonzi....R.I.P kaka ila ujue hujatutendea haki...am so so sad.

  2. Such a tragic death all the same R.i.P


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