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Serikali ya Korea Kaskazini Imemwita Rais wa Marekani, Barack Omba 'Nyani' na kwamba anapaswa kurudi porini akaishi huko.
Pia nchi hiyo imemwita Obama 'nyani mwafrika mshenzi'
Kutokana na kauli hiyo Jumuiya za kimataifa zimelaani kauli hiyo.
SEOUL, South Korea (AP) —
After bombarding South
Korea's female president with
sexist invectives, North Korea's
state news agency has fired
off racist insults against President Barack Obama that
U.S. officials condemn as
"disgusting." North Korea is notorious for
inflammatory, warlike rhetoric
against its rivals South Korea
and the U.S. but had rarely
used racial slurs in its verbal
attacks. Pyongyang's tone has grown angrier in recent weeks
as it threatens to conduct a
fourth nuclear test. In a lengthy May 2 dispatch
released only in Korean,
Pyongyang's Korean Central
News Agency published
comments from a factory
worker who said Obama has the "shape of a monkey" and
made many other crude
insults. "It would be better for him to
live with other monkeys at a
wild animal park in Africa ...
and licking bread crumbs
thrown by onlookers," worker
Kang Hyok at Chollima Steel Complex was quoted as saying. Marie Harf, a State
Department spokeswoman,
said Thursday that the North
Korean dispatch was
"offensive and ridiculous and
absurd." "I don't know how many words
I can use up here to describe
the rhetoric ... It's disgusting,"
she told reporters at the
Foreign Press Center in
Washington. Yoo Ho-yeol, professor of
North Korea studies at Korea
University in South Korea, said
North Korea is trying to get
attention by publishing such
comments through its state- run news agency. But he added
that it tried to distance the
government from the remarks
by attributing them to a
citizen. "If it was to publish such a
report in the voice of the
authorities it would entrap
them, whereas reporting the
story under some ordinary
citizen's name will give them leeway," Yoo said. The North's rhetoric against
Obama and South Korean
President Park Geun-hye
intensified after they held a
summit in Seoul late last
month. During his visit, Obama said at a joint news
conference with Park that it
may be time to consider
further sanctions against
North Korea, and that the U.S.
will not hesitate to use its military might to defend its
allies. Recent state media dispatches
criticizing Park are full of
sexist tirades such as "old
prostitute coquetting with
outside force."

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