“I Have Dated Billionaires And I’m Still not a Billionaire” Huddah Monroe Encourages Girls to Work Hard For Their Own Money

Huddah Monroe finally admits getting rich is not an easy feat, she denounces the idea that women who date rich men automatically become rich themselves.

Most people believe the shortest and easiest way to becoming rich is just by dating a rich person. But Huddah says she has dated billionaires but still she is yet to make the billions herself.

“I’ve dated BILLIONAIRES & I’m still not a BILLIONAIRE….. WEALTH is NOT SEXUALLY transmitted! You gotta Slave for your own shit!… All day everyday,” wrote Huddah Monroe on Instagram.

Know your level
Huddah also says that she doesn’t compete with anyone since she has learnt not to live like everyone else. She further encourages girls to embrace what they  have.

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