Huddah Shares Why YOUNG Educated Kenyans are Joining Al-Shabaab: Najihurumia Kuwa Mkenya. Youth in Kenya Are Suffering

Huddah shares why young educated Kenyans are joining Al-Shabaab: Najihurumia kuwa mkenya. Youth in Kenya are suffering

Socialite Huddah Monroe has given her two cents on why youth in Kenyans have been opting to sacrifice their lives by joining terror gang Al-Shabaab despite being educated.

Huddah, who has a few business established, said that the government has not being supporting youth in any way a reason why most have lost hope.

“Doing business in Kenya is the hardest thing you can ever experience. First, the tax is outrageously high. Second, they don’t make it a smooth road for young business entrepreneurs. You want (us) to start whoring for a living, join Al-Shabaab or? When they ask why young graduates are joining terror groups like Al-Shabaab I laugh. Reality is, it’s because the youth in Kenya are suffering. They are neglected and that’s the only route left for most,” Huddah posted on Instagram. 

She added that she feels sorry that she’s a Kenyan because youth are being forced to work a million times harder to achieve little success.

“Najihurumia kuwa mkenya. This place is a jungle, dry and with animals calling themselves human beings. According to what I have seen and experienced there is no future for the youth of this country. You gotta work a million times harder than a kid in the USA, UK and Europe to make it out here. Systems are not opened to helping you grow, just to crush you. Relocating is the only way that can help an ambitious African youth.” she said. 


“Growing up I didn’t have any role models. I had no one close to me to look up to. Everyone around me was extremely broke and poor. They didn’t have hope and the way things are in Kenya, I know why,” Huddah disclosed.

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