Penzi la Zari Hassan na Kiben 10 Wake Chali..Afuta Picha Zote Alizopiga Naye Wakiwa Kwenye Mapenzi

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It’s no secret that Zari Hassan likes her men young, handsome and rich. Apart from her later husband Ivan Don who was older than her, we’ve only gotten to see Zari bag herself young men since her separation.

There was Diamond Platnumz who doubles up as baby daddy to her two youngest babies, then we heard she’d moved on with King Bae, Cedric Fourie who later said to be bisexual – and unlike her other bae’s, this one just brought fame to the table and nothing else – hence the breakup.

From there, Zari then started keeping her relationships on the low until recently when GK Choppa happened. A billionaire, handsome and treats Zari right…well that’s a man we all felt could be perfect for Zari especially after the many heartbreaks.

Deletes photos

However having dated for 3 months, it appears that there could be trouble in paradise for Zari Hassan and her young tycoon bae. This is because Zari the boss lady has slowly been deleting her romantic photos with the guy leaving behind only those they’d taken in the company of other friends. Strange.

But again, this is not the first time the mother of 5 is pulling such a stunt on social media. Right before she officially dumps her boyfriends, Zari often starts by deleting the photos – then makes the announcement (which we’re waiting for) but clearly somethings up with her relationship.

Unlike the honey phase where she’d parade her bae to her 10 million followers, Zari lately prefers showing off her grown up sons.

Just the other day, the lass left her followers amazed by how grown her second born, Ralph has grown and although he was a teenager – his physical appearance is that of grown man…but I bet they got the genes from their late dad.

Anyway, with the boys growing into fine young men – it’s probably time Zari Hassan also quit picking her potential husband’s from the boys club. Right?



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