Refa Aliyemaliza Mpira Kabla ya Muda Ameteuliwa Kuchezesha Fainali Shirikisho

Yule mwamba aliyemaliza mpira kabla ya muda Bw Janny Sikazwe ameteuliwa kuchezesha fainali Shirikisho kati ya Orlando na Berkane.

AFCON referee, Janny Sikazwe was suffering from ‘heatstroke and severe dehydration and was taken to hospital after he prematurely blew the final whistle on two occasions, during Tunisia vs Mali clash.

Zambian Janny Sikazwe ended Tunisia's game against Mali 13 seconds before the 90th minute.

Speaking to Zambian media on his arrival back home, he recounted to reporters instances where some referees could not return home from duty outside their country.

"I was lucky I didn't go into a coma. It would have been a very different story.

"The doctors told me my body was not cooling down. It would have been just a little time before [I would have gone] into a coma, and that would have been the end.

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