Dr. Majaliwa Helped me to Get Child After Staying on my Marriage Long Time Childless


My name is Dinah Anyango, I am a 19 year old resident of Migori.I dropped out of school in Form Four after I met this wonderful man who worked construction within the town but hailed from Oruba village. I met John, one evening as I walked from school heading home. He commented on how nice I looked in my uniform saying that he had never seen someone look so beautiful in their uniform. He told me he worked construction which was completely at odds with his smart self that day.

I was clearly smitten by him, by his heavily built body and the muscles bulging from his hands. He also was an attentive person and used to wait from as I walked home from school most of the time and would accompany me home.

One thing led to another and he proposed marriage! My na├»ve self-agreed and to make matters worse or rather better,  he told me that  he could take good care of me even if I were to drop out of school. At first I brushed his idea aside but soon I saw the sense in his idea and dropped out as my grades in school were not any better.

The first year of marriage was pure bliss, we didn’t have much but we enjoyed each other’s company. He moved me to his mother’s compound and we lived in his modest house. As the last born son, according to what he told me, he was entitled to stay with the mum at home.

Things began to change when after two years John’s mother-my mother in law- began demanding for a grandchild. Although John expressed that he was okay with our ‘childlessness’ I began being worried that he could soon change his attitude. And I was right, after some time, he started to avoid coming home as frequent as he did. He would spend several hours at his mum’s house and would rarely touch my food. Our beautiful happy home turned into a field for arguments and constant bickering.

I decided to confide in a close friend who told me that she thought my issues were not ordinary. She said that a happy home like we had could not just turn toxic like that and that she had a solution to my woes. She mentioned one Dr.Majaliwa and I dismissed him straightaway .However, with my problems not ceasing, I obliged and accompanied her to see this man.

He intimated to me that the person responsible for my woes was closer that I thought. My mother in law! I could not believe it at first but Dr.Majaliwa revealed that she had all along wanted my husband to get married to another girl named Jane. I was dumbfounded as my husband had not told me anything about that. He told me that she was frustrated that John chose me and visited a local medicine man who saw to it that I never got pregnant ever. I was literally shaking at the news.

Dr. Majaliwa calmed down my nerves and promised to help me solve my woes. He did his thing and told me to go. Weeks after that visit, I didn’t ask my husband who Jane was as I was advised by Dr.Majaliwa however, his attitude started changing gradually and he started coming home more.

As I write this, I am nursing a seven month old girl that I have named Gift. I couldn’t be happier all thanks to my friend who introduced me to Dr. Majaliwa.

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