I Would Never Have Thought that I Would Break out of Smoking Addiction That Many People Have Struggled With


 I would never have thought that I would break out of an addiction that many people have struggled with. Many people struggle so badly with smoking addiction and I am proud and glad to say that I managed to break out of that addiction that has plagued most people but I didn’t do it alone.

My name is Tobias Oloo of Awendo Sub County in Migori County and I started smoking in Form Two while studying at a local high school in the outskirts of Awendo town and without knowing it became an addiction. The peer pressure in Form Two had friends who me introduced to tobacco smoking when we used to sneak and go smoking behind the school dormitories in the wee hours of the morning before most of the other students even woke up.

It started as most of the tobacco addiction habits start, with an innocent ‘please try this out. ‘Soon enough I graduated to sneaking out of school to go feed my addiction, I would spend the little pocket money I was given by my parents on one packet of tobacco after the other.

I was suspended quite a few times from school because of this addiction that then as an 18 year old I didn’t realize was an addictive habit that would take me years to break. I finished school and got a job as an untrained teacher at a local primary school where within the first three months I had gotten into trouble with the school administration because of my habits.

Apparently some school children noticed me smoking at the back of the school tank and reported me to the school head teacher. I was promptly relieved of my duties, and things were not better at my next job as a hotel attendant. Within the first four months the customers and the hotel owner had gotten fed up with my nicotine filled smell in a profession that they told me required ‘utmost hygiene. ‘Needless to say I lost that job too.

I shared with a friend my frustration because my future was headed in the wrong direction as I could not keep hold of a job because of my addiction to smoking. At this time my health was not fairing any better. My friend told me of the exploits of one Dr.Majaliwa who he, as he said then, had helped his cousin break from alcohol addiction. I dismissed him at first but after endless persuasion I was obliged to follow him to this man.

Dr.Majaliwa worked his thing while assuring me all the while that I would break out of this addiction. I was skeptical because this method was a little bit unorthodox as I thought. However, after a moth I started reducing the packets a smoked and eventually quit altogether, as of now I am one year clean and I have not smoked tobacco for that whole period. I even managed to go to college and trained a s teacher.

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