Zari’s younger sister shows off her grown baby bump (Photos)

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Zari Hassan’s baby sister Zuleha is pregnant with her first child and according to her post, Zuleha feels like she is about to pop!

After keeping her pregnancy on the low for months; Zuleha finally announced her pregnancy by sharing amazing photos from her maternity photoshoot.

Being on the 3rd trimester Zuleha definitely understands the ups and downs of pregnancy but to celebrate this great milestone; she captioned the photos

“Feeling like a watermelon about to pop. So excited and nervous at the same time. Allah Akbar.

Baby Father
Judging from the photos shared on her page, we understand that Zuleha is definitely seeing someone and the two are serious about each other.

Although she is grateful to have such a strong support system, Zuleha could not hold back from revealing how much she would have loved to have her mum around.

She wrote saying;

“Every day I spend with you is a blessing in disguise, you fill my heart with joy and happiness and I’m glad it’s you I’m starting this journey with. My only sadness is that my mom ain’t here to rejoice with me. #Guns and bullets. Love you,”

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