What Happened To Sarafina Skin? From Brown To White Skin – How Did It Happen? Explore The Real Story

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What Happened To Sarafina Skin?
What Happened To Sarafina Skin?

What Happened To Sarafina Skin? 

Sarafina is a very popular movie, almost every body have seen the movie it was produced in 1992. Leleti Khumalo was the Protagonist of the movie, she was the girl named Sarafina in that movie. She used to be a beautiful dark skinned girl, but years after the movie, things changed, and she became white.

Before you conclude or start to judge her about her skin, or start thinking she bleached, kindly read through to know what really happened.

Leleti Khumalo was not always like this, she was born a brown skin girl, not white skinned. Her skin changed colour, due to the skin disease known as vitiligo, alot iof people do not know about this.

Vitiligo: What Happened To Leleti Khumalo’s Skin?

Vitiligo is seen as an auto-immune disease, it is not contagious or deadly, but sadly Vitiligo has no cure. It makes affected area change color, it makes it turn white, this can affect the hair, eyes, mouth, hands, and sometimes all over the body, for the rest of their life.

Vitiligo happens when the cells that produces pigment just dies off, and stops production of pigment. When this happens, it starts turning your skin white gradually forever, it can not be treated.

What Happened To Sarafina Skin? From Brown To White Skin - How Did It Happen? Explore The Real Story
How It All Started;
According to Leleti, when she was 18 years old, she started to see white spots on her leg. It wasn’t painful so she wasn’t really worried, she wasn’t quite familiar with the disease back then.

She got married, she gave birth to triplets but one of the baby died, she has just 2 kids left now, see more of her pic

Is The Movie Sarafina Based On A True Story

Sarafina’s movie holds the inner core themes of racial injustice and chaotic trappings during childhood and upbringing. It is based on the 1976 Soweto youth riot and based on a 1987 musical by Ngema.

In the movie, a young girl is portrayed, and she is not afraid to fight for her rights and urges her companions to stand up, especially after her inspiring teacher Mary Massonbuka (Goldberg), was imprisoned and killed.

The plot thickens as it recites the shocking tale of a high school student. The Soweto Uprising core elements caused the movie to present the actual image persistent at that time of the year. In 1993, actress Khumalo released her first album, Releti and Sarafina. The movie Sarafina was re-released in South Africa on June 16, 2006, to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Soweto youth riots.

Many of the actors in the project were arrested after French police forced them to open their room doors for inspection and unexpected checking at midnight. Most people have experienced the movement directly or second-hand. Racism is still widespread in South Africa after apartheid, and there was concern that the shooting scene depicting protests and riots might burn. To avoid this, support military vehicles were decorated with “Sarafina!” to reassure the public that the movie was filmed there.

This film was an international collaboration by South Africa, the United States, France, and the United Kingdom and premiered at the Cannes Film Festival on May 11, 1992. It was launched on May 11, 1992 (Cannes), September 18, 1992 (USA), October 9, 1992 (South Africa), January 15, 1993 (UK), and March 3, 1993 (France). It reportedly had a total runtime of 98 minutes.


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