Mzee Aliyefungwa Jela Akiwa na Miaka 15 Agoma Kutoka Jela Baada ya Kusamehewa Akiwa na Miaka 79


He Went To Prison At Age 16 And Turn Down Offer To Be Released At 79,Read The Story Of Joseph Ligon

There is always a popular saying by the Elders and Nigerian Mothers That an individual needs to be very careful of the places he got to at night, Joseph Ligon is a Living Witness, A good and perfect Example for all Nigerian Man.

In the year 1953, February 20, Joseph Ligon, The then 15 years Old Fine Looking Boy, attended a night party along with is four other friends, They dance and drank wine with four of his other friends, They then ended up robbing and stabbing eight people in Philadelphia. Two of the victims, Charles Pitts and Jackson Hamm, died.

It was a very painful thing that a young boy of age 15 as made the biggest mistake of his life, Which Is why Nigerian mothers will always tell their male Child not to go for night parties or get drunk.

Joseph Ligon was charge to Court and was Found Guilty and Sentenced to life in prison in 1953, at 16 years old, alongside three other boys in connection with the stabbing deaths of the two men and the injury of the eight others.

One Thing that People still love Joseph Ligon, despite his conviction and proves, still maintains the fact that that he did not kill anyone but he declared stabbed only one person, who survived.

At 83, Joseph Ligon is was said to be the oldest and longest-serving Surviving juvenile lifer in the world, having served 68 years in prison. His co-defendants have either died or received commutations but when he got the chance to be released, the white-haired man turned it down.



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