Tanzania Actress Irene Uwoya Trolled After She Was Spotted Sleeping In A Hotel

Irene Uwoya is a Tanzanian female celebrity and public figure. The lady and famous social media personality was born and raised in Tanzania. She is an actress business woman, entrepreneur, brand ambassador and a mother to one child. Irene Uwoya is one of the most famous bongo actress in the bongo movie industry.

The rich aunty came under fire after online critics and keyboard warriors attacked her of her recent behaviour observed by curious people and Netizens. Irene Uwoya has been spending some quality time on hotels enjoying herself as it is a holiday season. This season, the female star has been spotted on hotels and restaurants severally with the post that she has been sharing online.

One person who noticed took time and attacked her of her behaviour of living in hotels. The trolls asked her on the comment section "don't you have a home? That you often sleep in hotels?". Irene has a lavish home in Tanzania despite being trolled. In response, the actress responded lightly to the troll telling her she got tired of her house/surroundings. Often, people get tired of same surroundings that lead to depression. The only medicine to avoid that is by finding new temporary surroundings to just freshen up and enjoy the new environment for awhile.

Irene Uwoya took a break from her house in oder to get rid of the cumbersome feeling that comes with staying in the same place.


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