ROSA REE - Rose Coco (Official Video)

Nafasi za Ajira Zilizotangazwa Leo Bonyeza Hapa


ROSA REE - Rose Coco (Official Video)

#ROSECOCO is a Movement on Women Empowerment in a society where having “balls” is termed as a strength but being called “pussy” is termed as a weakness. A society where the term “UMAMA” passes as an insult when the translation is MOTHERHOOD, literally the biggest power given to us humans by God and the hardest responsibility on earth!
It’s sad that society has for many years been so misogynistic that even women who possess a tool so strong that it gives life, have been programmed to be ashamed of it and lack the confidence to carry it with pride. But NO MORE! #SayNoToPussyShaming ‼️
I am not ashamed , I’m proud ! Pussy is Power! 

#Rosecoco Out Now Below

LOVE STORY YA UTANIKUMBUKA NEYLA Ipo tayari ni maandishi na Sauti !, Kuisoma yote Bonyeza HAPA Lipia tsh 1000 Tu mtandao wowote,au Tembelea

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