Popular actress Selina and boyfriend expecting first child together


Word making rounds on social media is that Actress Selina aka Celestine Gichuhi is pregnant with her first child.

The story shared by popular Instagram news outlet indicates that the lass is currently in her second semester; meaning baby bump has already started protruding out meaning iko shida chances she may be replaced on the show.

Although like most celebrities, Celestine has been trying to hide the pregnancy; and clearly she is doing a good since we are yet to see the bump. But again, we can always wait for the right time.

According to Buzz room news, the pregnancy has come at a time; when they were just preparing to continue with the show’s shoot – but with the baby bump it just seems impossible.

The show is expected to end in March 2022, but judging from the comments left by fans; seems like most are actually already done with it and can’t wait as they are tired. Not my words.

Anyway if the rumors surrounding the pregnancy are true; then I guess Selina will officially become a mum at the age of 26 years; and the good thing is – at least she made enough money through her first show; which will sustain her during maternity leave.

Changes in physical appears

Also, I couldn’t help but notice that she appears to have added a little weight; and the pregnancy nose, breasts have also started to kick in slowly.

The pregnancy also comes a few months after Celestine Gachuhi got engaged to her longtime boyfriend gospel singer Phil Kimemia; but looks like they couldn’t wait after the wedding to start a family of their own.


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