Ustaa Unavyoendelea Kumtesa Huddah Monroe

Umaarufu muda mwingine unaweza ukakushawishi kufanya vitu ambavyo hukutarajia kuvifanya na baadaye ukajutia – Huddah Monroe ni mmoja kati ya wasichana warembo kutoka Kenya asiyeishiwa vituko kila kukicha.

Majuto ni mjukuu – ni kauli inayotumiwa sana na watu wengi kuwaambia wanaojutia kutokana na makosa waliyowahi kuyatenda. Hivi karibuni Huddah ametumia mitandao ya kijamii kueleza vitu viwili vinavyomuumiza moyo wake ikiwemo kutukanwa mitandaoni pamoja na kuupoteza usichana wake (bikira) akiwa bado anaishi na mama yake.

Mwezi April mwaka huu, Huddah alisema:

“I, Huddah Monroe , I am known to live my life . I have no issues with anyone these days. Actually NEVER had issues with anyone unless you provoked me .HUDDAH has been the center of ridicule in this country for so many years now .People wAke up and on their Whatsapp group all they discuss is Huddah …. Creating memes about me and things I haven’t said . Thank God for my THICK SKIN, if I was a weak person I would’ve committed SUICIDE long time ago because of CYBER BULLYING…I am a grown woman now , if you have issues with me,” aliandika kwenye Instagram.

“Call me , or DM and tell me what I have done to you . Or let us meet in person and state your issues with me and let’s deal with them like grown ups…..It’s 2016 , and I its high time people stopped tweeting shit about others and posting abuses on IG! Stop hiding behind your keypad abusing people . Stop being a coward , a keyboard hero and let us solve personal issues personally! This is MAINLY for those who call me a WHORE all the fuckin time . Just because i post bikini pics ? And I don’t say where I work ? Just Because I’m not stuck in a 9-5 like you and I own things ? You want to know how I make my money ? Are you Kenya Revenue Authority? You have NO right to call me names no matter what,” aliongeza.

“I will show people what I want to show them here .That’s all … whore this , whore that . I have no problem with that name . But Atleast before calling me names have evidence of one of your friends, father , or clique fucking me and paying me. Sittin here I am someone’s daughter , sister , friend , and I am not growing any younger. All these things need to STOP! I am extremely TIRED of being this countries source of ridicule . CYBER BULLYING needs to STOP! That’s all . If you have issues with me come tell me right on my face … DM me I’ll give you my number if need be … #ThoseWhoLoveMeCare #LetsTakePersonalMattersPersonally #CyberBULLYINGneedsToStop #InternetTrollsNeedToStop.”

Hii ni kauli ya pili ya Huddah aliyoitoa siku chache zilizopita, alisema:

“You know I always wonder , do parents know when their kids have lost their virg-inity ? Coz the day mine happened , I felt so guilty and shivers down my spine since my MOM was VERY strict . I never looked at her in the eyes again Coz i thought she knew , I thought she could see right through me , even ate my food in the bedroom . I feel like she knew but she just kept quiet which killed me even more. Never even shared a table with her again until like 2 years ago … Do parents usually know ? Did she know I was no longer her little girl , it still kills me.”

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