Tanasha Dona Aandika Gazeti Kujitetea Baada ya Kuambiwa Amezubaa "I’m Just Getting Started"

Tanasha Dona Ameandika haya katika ukurasa wake wa Instagram:

"1.5M + views in 1 month. That’s an achievement & a half for me. It’s not easy for a female in this industry doing it on her own... The sleepless nights my team & I had, financing your own projects( songs & videos) being behind every single step or every creative process of any project, having to enter boardroom meetings & try convince some bosses (some of whom are team mafisi) to TRUST THE ART... having a son & family to take care of.... Being your own boss is TOUGH I tell you, BUT when you see the fruits of your hard work finally blossom & grow into something amazing you know you’re BLESSED & become GRATEFUL. & trust me I’m just getting started.. Got so much lined up for this year Especially collaborations, both local & international! I feel like I’m literally done recording for the year now. Weh! 😂😅 Just busy with visuals now! Thanks to everyone who showed SAWA so much love. Not my type of music genre, though I just had to drop a positive catchy song to encourage us all during tough times. My country 🇰🇪 , My beautiful KENYA... Everywhere I go, the amount of love & recognition you all show me is amazing. Sometimes I walk to the shop or supermarket forgetting that people recognize me & when people just start singing “ Sawa sawa na weweeee” It brings tears to my eyes... I still forget every day & drive out in my slippers & pj’s kununua maziwa & still get shocked when people on the streets call my name. Sorry i’l always be new to this guys 🙈🙊😂😂 THANK YOU EAST AFRICA, our song trended not only in EA but also all over UAE 🇦🇪, hit #1 in countries I never expected leave alone ever been to, Qatar, Dubai, Oman, Saudi... & it’s all because of the amazing love East Africans & Africans have shown me even when most thought I wouldn’t make it far once on my own. Thank you all, thanks to my amazing little team! Without them i’m nothing!"
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