Business Solution From Daktari Majaliwa if You Try you Thank Me Later


In business try and get solution from people around you and for me I met this powerful man that has

made the great businesswoman in Kenya 

Daktari majaliwa gave me big name in Kenya when I was in primary school my dream was to be 

businesswoman rich one at that but I came from a humbled background when I got to 20years old I 

opened a small boutique where I sell women atires out of my savings that ran out of stock in just three 

weeks the business was struggling for survival so it collapsed for ten years I had business ambition but 

never bought them to reality because of the lack of capital that’s when I decided to go to Nairobi in 

search for a greaner pasture in Nairobi things got worse than before I slept in the street because of 

lacking 200sh to pay a house rent life became hard that made me to decide to go back to my native

reserve in nyanza to be specific kit mikai where I my childhood friend driving an expensive car Mercedes

she took me to an restaurant and bought lunch for me my friends background was poor than me so I 

asked my self so many questions how could he have made it so quick after a little chit chart I decided to 

ask him the source of his wealth at that moment he was hesitant and we left for our different business

the next two days we met and he opened up where his source of wealth came from he told me that 

Good luck spell had been cast on him by doctor majaliwa he told that after he was cast every job 

application he sent was coming his way I got curious and asked him if he could link me up with the 

doctor he gave the contacts and booked an appointment and the following day I met the herberlist he 

told I had bad luck all over me he reversed that and cast a good luck spell on me there after I got a call 

from institute (Private for personal reason) that gave me 150,000sh as a grand to start a business that’s 

when I started my own business I know own the biggest stationary company in Kenya my bank account 

is full my life and family has really changed thanks to doctor majaliwa and that my friend

For consultation contact majaliwa what's app +254714462569 or email majaliwaali2020@gmail.com

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