‘My Girlfriend Sléeping With My Dad’ – Boy Seeks Advise

Nafasi za Ajira Zilizotangazwa Leo Bonyeza Hapa

I caught my 18 years old girlfriend making love with my Dad. My name is Peter, am 23 years old. I have been in love with my girl who is 18 years old. We have been datingfor 2 years now. She was caring and loving. She told me she’s a vírgin and we had agreed to have s*x after marriage.
We were only concentrating on our studies. She could come home at any time. I stay with just my dad and two little sisters. Early this week I had taken my little sisters to my auntie’s place. When I returned home, I found my girlfriend in bed with my dad.

This was terrible and shocking but that’s not all.

That very day my dad chased me away from home. My GF never bothered to call me to say anything about it since then. But today she called me, crying that I should forgive her for what she did.

Friends I am confused cos I truly loved her but I don’t know what to do.

Is right for her to be sleeping with my father? Should I forgive her or I move on? Since the incident I’ve been staying with my auntie. Please I need helpful advise.


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  1. She's is ur mom now xo give her a respect and take ur tym my brodah

  2. Since never! Slept with her, just move on! Forget that she ever existed.

  3. You may forgive her but you will never forget.. How will you live with someone who never slept with your dada as a wife..!?? Move on and live your life for they are alot of beutiful girls our there waiting for you dear..

  4. fuck u and ur dad

  5. Sometimes God can show what you have selected that its right for you but before him is wrong! She was the wife from God, continue to pray yours will come.

  6. Call this numbers for more advice +1717)330-2349

  7. Just let go. God wil bring to you another. Beaurifull lady


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