Kamene Goro reacts after NRG Radio unveiled her as CEO on Fool's Day



Kamene Goro reacts after NRG Radio unveiled her as CEO on Fool's Day

Kamene Goro reacts after NRG Radio unveiled her as CEO on Fool's Day

Kamene Goro takes the helm as CEO at NRG Radio, as per the station's announcement.

Rather than taking on a presenter role, she has assumed the position of CEO at NRG Radio. The station introduced the radio queen through its social media platforms in April.

"Welcome back home! Introducing @kamenegoro, the fearless CEO of NRG Radio. #NRGRadioKenya," the post announced.

Kamene reacts to her NRG Radio's statement

Taking to her Instagram stories on the same day, Kamene, who had since received numerous tags from people congratulating her, had the following to say in one of her posts.

"The year 32 has come with all the blessings," she wrote.

NRG Radio's poster announcing Kamene Goro as CEO on Fool's Day on April 1, 2024

It's April Fool's Day, Kamene's new role might be a prank

Given that today marks April 1st, also known as Fool's Day, a portion of the fans speculate that this announcement might just be a clever stunt orchestrated by the station to prank its audience on this playful occasion.

Well, it is April Fool's Day, and in the spirit of the tradition, everyone is entitled to a bit of mischief.

So, if Kamene has genuinely assumed the role of CEO, then hearty congratulations are in order! But, if it turns out to be a well-executed prank, then alas, dear fans, you've been hoodwinked yet again!

Kamene has become a household name in Kenya due to her sharp wit, humor, and candid approach to discussing various topics on the radio,

She signed out of Kiss 100 early this year after a three-year stint.

Kamene, who hosted the Kiss 100 morning show alongside comedian Oga Obinna, aired her last show on Friday, January 27 where she bid her fans goodbye.

A teary Kamene paid tribute to all the hosts she has worked with since she joined the station and to her fans who have been listening to her every morning.

“Today marks the end of my journey here at Kiss FM, it's been like four years and three hosts and I'm ending it right here with Oga Obinna.

"To all of my fans who have always supported me, my mum and sister, may God bless you always,” Kamene said.

Speaking in an interview after her last show, Kamene said her contract had lapsed and she didn't find the need to renew it.

Kamene Goro's brief stint at NRG Radio

In April, Kamene Goro, along with other well-known celebrities, created a buzz when they revealed their involvement with NRG Radio.

Taking to Instagram on April 26, Kamene Goro shared a post announcing her upcoming show and expressing her enthusiasm. She also asked her followers if they believed the audience was prepared for it.

However, the engagement turned out to be a one-day event held to commemorate the radio station's fifth anniversary.

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